Count Your Angels

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Who Are Our Angels?

As far back as you can think, who was it you remember to this day, who was kind and loving to you? I can remember being a toddler in my grandfather’s lap, a 6' 4" strapping Irishman with kind eyes. He’d gather up my two male cousins and me in his lap and tell us stories. He was my first impression of what it’s like to be man.

I Believe They’re Still Around

Certainly in another life form. I thank them, write poetry about them, recognize what a good person they were to me, and I emulate them.

Don’t Wait Until You’re “Old”

You are the same person NOW as you’ll be with higher mileage. Do something good, kind and loving in your life simply because it needs to be done and you’re capable of doing it.



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Pilot/poet/small time adventurer. Versed in relationships, spirituality, psychology, energy & vibes, sex, love and the search for love.