Russian Americans are Americans

Photo by Irene Strong on Unsplash

They Are Fearful

Our Russian Americans look like any other white American. Their accents are what gives them fear. One friend in Dallas is seeing a speech therapist in order to mute her accent. Several others are considering it as well. Yes, native born Americans, they are scared of you.


My old friend and colleague Donnie (not his real name) and his wife went to Russia and adopted two Russian orphan boys. They told me of the horrific conditions in the orphanages. The children were fed cabbage soup three times a day. No one was teaching them, caring for them, there was no nurse. They were emaciated.

Be Kind

Immigrants and refugees are all over our country. Our country accepts them since the end of WW11. I volunteer with two extraordinary non-profits, members of Common Ground, who help the children. Thirty-three languages are spoken among these families.



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