The Law of Mind Action

Photo by Paola Aguilar on Unsplash

What is This ‘Law?’

It’s really simple: What you focus on in your conscious mind — fears, goals, a new house, a relationship, whatever — HAPPENS if you believe in it. Jesus said in the Book of Matthew, “Whatever it is you want, believe that you have it and it will be yours.”


Humanity’s conscious and subconscious minds will deliver that which you spend your time believing in.

Confident in Their Dreams

There are thousands of people coming from poverty who end up billionaires. Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz, Ralph Lauren, George Soros, Henry Ford. Ford, a first generation Irish American, imagined motorized wagons. They are mass produced on his family farm in Dearborn, Michigan.


Consciousness integrates your committment with an energy force few of us know. I’ll tell you my committment without fear or embarrassment. If you’re one of my readers, you watched it unfold.



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Pilot/poet/small time adventurer. Versed in relationships, spirituality, psychology, energy & vibes, sex, love and the search for love.