What I Love About Latin Women

I used to live in Perú and I just got back from a re-visit.

So many reminders came flooding back as soon as I got settled and re-connected with friends. I know for sure I’ll get some reponses that say, ‘If you like it so much, go back.’

It’s not a question of it being “better”or any of that, it’s simply that cultural differences between the genders aren’t as harsh as they are in the US.

Professional Women
There are many. Among my friends in Lima are women lawyers, mining execs and teachers. My male friend’s wife is an airline pilot. My friend Thylda is a hospital administrator.

It’s just a different culture. Like the US, professional women are attracted to men who have something going for them, and in Perú the choices for women and men are slim. Like living in a small or medium size US town, there aren’t tons of options.

There’s less tension between men and women. When I explained to my friend Thylda about man-bashing, trolls, etc., she looked at me in amazement. “We don’t DO that,” she said. Why not? “What’s the advantage in being crass?” So, how would you react if a man you barely know asks you out? “I’d tell him no. Not unless we know each other.”

Suppose he’s handsome and rich? “First of all, he wouldn’t ask unless we know each other. Second, I make my own money.” Would you be upset and angry if he asks? “Of course not! That would be rude!” What if you DO know him but don’t find him attractive? “I’d tell him. Politely.” So you don’t have stereotypes, like all men are arrogant jerks? “No. Because that’s not true.”

That, dear reader, is why I enjoy Latin women.



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